03/07/2018 by Kvaser

Kvaser Introduces eLearning


Kvaser is excited to announce our updated educational offerings. Our new e-learning portal features a completely updated CAN Protocol Tutorial and Introduction to t Programming courses. Kvaser has long been an industry leader in CAN-related educational materials, but these courses have been reimagined from the ground up and designed to set a new standard in CAN education.

In keeping with our mission of supporting engineers in designing and deploying systems that utilize the CAN protocol, all of our e-learning courses are offered free of charge.

Designed with your needs in mind

We designed our e-learning courses to be comprehensive, accessible and engaging. The content has been updated to address the latest trends and applications of the CAN protocol. The video course format allows us to include vibrant designs and explore real-world examples.

Flexible enough to work with your preferences and your schedule, our e-learning materials are available whenever you’re ready, on whatever device you’re using. To reinforce the principles covered in the video courses, we also provide additional resources and quizzes for memory retention.

CAN Protocol Tutorial

Our original text-only version of the CAN Protocol Tutorial helped a generation of CAN engineers understand the CAN network. Viewed by over half a million engineers, Kvaser’s CAN Protocol Tutorial has been an industry-leading primer on the Controller Area Network (CAN) bus since its introduction.

We took our beloved prototype and reimagined it as a high-quality video presentation, complete with insightful graphs, illustrations and real-world demonstrations. Over the course of eight videos, the tutorial covers CAN architecture, message structure, error handling, physical layer and much more.

We set out to create a new standard in CAN training that will speak to the needs of today’s young engineers. We invite you to decide for yourself.

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t Programming

One of the highlights of the CAN bus is its versatility. We created the t Programming language to allow engineers to write scripts that customize your Kvaser device to perform functions right on board the hardware, allowing for low-latency applications of CAN gateways, message injection, HIL and more.

Our new six-part Introduction to t Programming course gives you all the information you need to jump right into creating your own t programs. This comprehensive course covers the TRX development environment and basic coding commands, and provides a complete walkthrough of writing your own t scripts. By the end of the course, you’ll be a t master.

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Committed to providing high-quality learning materials

Kvaser is committed to educating engineers on the CAN protocol. We hope these materials provide you with all that you need to appreciate the simple elegance of the CAN bus and to get the most out of your Kvaser devices.