leaf lite

Finding faults before they happen with the Leaf Light

SATE, an Italian company that specializes in the simulation and fault diagnosis of automotive applications, machinery and plant, uses Kvaser’s Leaf Light CAN to USB interface to connect to a vehicle's CANbus, design on-board diagnostic systems and deploy prototype demonstration applications.Read More

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data logger

Endurance motorsport team use Kvaser datalogger to collect race data

Much information can be gleaned from a vehicle’s CAN bus, so where once OBD-II tools reigned, CAN dataloggers are now being requested in aftermarket automotive situations, including motorsport ...Read More

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can bus

Leaf CAN interfaces are a small but critical component for DAF Trucks

Kvaser’s Leafs can be found in the test rig of DAF Trucks’ Heavy Duty diesel engine test facility, one of the most modern in the world ...Read More

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car data logger

Ford Dunton uses Kvaser hardware in engine development

Needing to calibrate electronic control modules from different manufacturers that all used the common protocol CAN CCP, Ford Dunton needed a rugged CAN interface that could cope with the daily demands of in-the-field testing.Read More

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data logger

Memorator plays a part in ‘green’ automotive research

Students from Chalmers University of Technology have used Kvaser’s Memorator to gather data for a research project that highlights how relatively simple chassis changes can result in significantly more fuel-efficient automotive designs.Read More

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