Memory Calculator

The Memory Calculator provides an easy way to calculate either: a) the required memory size or b) the log time, for a given number of messages (MPS) per second on a CAN bus.

This calculator can be used with the Memorator series of Kvaser data loggers to choose products, SD Card size, and to plan data logging schedules for your project.

DIRECTIONS (requires JavaScript)

1.  Use the “Messages Per Second” slider to select your estimated bus load.  The slider adjusts in increments of 500.

2.  Enter the expected GB size of your SD card in The “Memory Size” field and the calculator will display the approximate Log Time possible.

– OR –

3.  Enter the required number of hours in the “Log Time” field and the calculator will display the necessary SD card size in GBs.

Messages Per Second (MPS)
Memory size
Log time
Disclaimer:  The results of this calculator are approximations only.  Many factors influence the performance of a CAN bus and, as such, the specific relationship of logging time and memory size will vary accordingly.