14/09/2018 by Kvaser

Kvaser Shares CAN FD Possibilities With Design News

It’s no secret that here at Kvaser, we’re excited about the possibilities that CAN FD is enabling in the automotive industry, with its increased data loads, faster response time and higher performance capabilities.

Recently, our own Director of Marketing, Jesse Paliotto, penned an article to share our enthusiasm with the readers of Design News, a publication that highlights new and compelling developments relevant to design engineers across industries.

While CAN FD has seen applications in many different sectors, its greatest impact is currently being felt in the automotive industry, where the CAN bus is the most widely used in-vehicle network for ECU and sensor communication. With cars becoming more and more “connected,” CAN FD provides a perfect stepping stone from the original CAN protocol, allowing higher bandwidth communications, lower latency and better real-time performance – all critical to the success of the modern connected car.

Read the whole article on the Design News website: How CAN FD Is Affecting the Automotive Industry.