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Tackling telemetry with the Blackbird interface

‘High-Octane Motorsports’, a 50-strong Formula Student team from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany used Kvaser's Blackbird SemiPro CAN-over-WLAN interface for on-track and in-race testing. Read More

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data logger

Memorator Pro records battery data from electric go-karts

A Swedish indoor go-kart racetrack has converted all its petrol driven engines to electric. A CAN-based monitoring system has been developed to assess battery duration and monitor performance, using Kvaser's Memorator Pro to record the data.Read More

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can interface

Solar boat challenger uses Kvaser interfaces for telemetry

A team competing in the Frisian Solar Challenge needed a good quality CAN bus interface during component testing, as well as a PCI104 CAN bus interface for the on-board computer. Find out why the turned to Kvaser ...Read More

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leaf lite

Finding faults before they happen with the Leaf Light

SATE, an Italian company that specializes in the simulation and fault diagnosis of automotive applications, machinery and plant, uses Kvaser’s Leaf Light CAN to USB interface to connect to a vehicle's CANbus, design on-board diagnostic systems and deploy prototype demonstration applications.Read More

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can interface

Kvaser CAN interfaces used for testing EV bus designs

Beijing Institute of Technology makes use of Kvaser CAN interfaces for production testing of its environmentally-friendly EV bus designs ...Read More

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can networking

Kvaser’s PCI Canx modules prove their power in heavy machinery simulation

Oryx, a Kvaser customer that builds simulators for applications as wide ranging as excavation, mining, forestry harvesting and container handling, uses one or more Kvaser’s PCI Canx cards within the simulation computer of each machine ...Read More

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data logger

Endurance motorsport team use Kvaser datalogger to collect race data

Much information can be gleaned from a vehicle’s CAN bus, so where once OBD-II tools reigned, CAN dataloggers are now being requested in aftermarket automotive situations, including motorsport ...Read More

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A communicating robot with Kvaser’s PC104+ CAN card inside

Kvaser’s PC104+ dual channel CAN card can be found in the computational stack of this high degree of freedom humanoid ...Read More

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CAN interfaces for video displays in tanks and light armoured vehicles

Engineers at Nijkerk Computer Systems needed CAN interfaces for video display terminals that would be integrated into ground-based tanks and light armoured vehicles or airborne applications. Nijkerk chose Kvaser’s PC104+ boards ...Read More

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Leaf CAN interfaces are a small but critical component for DAF Trucks

Kvaser’s Leafs can be found in the test rig of DAF Trucks’ Heavy Duty diesel engine test facility, one of the most modern in the world ...Read More

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