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  • Are there preferred analysis tools for CAN Bus testing?

    Error-frames are very rare and in a good system there should be no Error-frames.

    Even if you have Error-frames there main cause in a system is a delay of information.

    It is better to handle problem on a system level where communication Errors are covered as any other error in a control system.
    It should also be noted that in a real time system is one sample error like a small glitch than have very short duration in time and in most cases cannot be recognized.

    The best to test a system is to place a test unit between the unit and the CAN-bus. By this test unit it is possible to delay CAN-frames and even remove CAN-frames to check how the system handle loss of information.

    By this it is even possible to modify the data to check that the system can handle wrong input data without causing dangerous conditions in the system.

  • Best practices of handling CAN Bus errors?

    With good cabling there will be no Error-frames to handle.

    If you get Error frames it should be registered by date and time.

    This will help you to find the reason for the Error-frames.
    There is no reason to have a CAN-bus with Error frames and if they occur regular with a certain intensity there is reason to find the cause of the Error-frames and take action to remove the cause of the Error-Frames.

  • LIN with Python

    “Using the Kvaser 2x CAN/LIN device, find and example program to send LIN
    commands through python so i can test the interface. Do you have any example for it or at least a program that i might use to test the commands cause I only seen python CAN commands in your site”

    If you have CANlib SDK installed on your PC, you can find a tutorial for using LIN at the linlib.html in the following CANlib SDK install directory:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Kvaser\Canlib\Samples\Python\\pycanlib\docs\tutorials\

    Don’t forget that when using a channel as a LIN interface, you must provide power V+ on pin 9 of the channel connector and GND on pin 3.