02/10/2019 by Kvaser

M-Max Rugged Industrial Computers for the Rail Industry

M-Max industrial computing for rail uses high-voltage can PCI104 from kvaser

Standard solutions don’t always fit customers’ needs, and each industry has its own specific requirements. Like Kvaser, MicroMax Computer Intelligence offers a custom service, in addition to its standard range of industrial computing systems. To meet the needs of customers with mission critical applications such as transportation (rail, marine and air), Kvaser provides MicroMax with customized two channel PC/104+ compatible CAN interfaces for its M-Max range of rugged computers.

CAN interfaces in the rail industry must be isolated. Kvaser has updated its standard PCI/104 product to meet our requirements for high voltage isolation, providing exactly what we were looking for,” confirms Samuel J. Abarbanel, President & CEO of MicroMax Computer Intelligence.

Mr. Abarbanel adds: “Our customers are looking for rugged, fully-sealed, IP66 compliant systems with protection from shock and vibration and the ability to withstand temperature extremes (-50 to +70 °C). Our systems need to be ultra-reliable, so it is important for us to work with suppliers that understand these constraints implicitly.


The off-the-shelf Kvaser PCI104+ HS/HS (EAN: 73-30130-00336-1) two-channel CAN interface.

Understanding just what ‘reliable’ means

Kvaser fully understands customers’ need for reliability. With our existing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) rugged range, we provide IP65-rated interfaces and dataloggers, as well as custom solutions. In the simplest form, a custom solution can be a private label, but it can also include specific variants of drivers, firmware, PCB, casing, leads and connectors.

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