RA Automotive Software Solutions, Inc

RA Automotive Software Solutions is the US subsidiary of RA Consulting GmbH, based in Germany.
RA is an expert for diagnostic software in vehicle ECU development and OBD compliance testing for J1979, J1939 and ISO 27145.

Silver Snap-Tool is officially approved by CARB as an OBD scan tool for California’s Clean Truck Check Program.

Silver Snap-Tool is a Windows software application for reading OBD data from heavy-duty trucks. After the readout, the data is packaged, encrypted and finally transmitted to a CARB server. On the CARB side, the data is automatically analyzed and the submitter receives a “pass” or “fail” result via email. The application is very easy to use and allows only the settings that are really necessary to read and submit the data in order to maximize a positive user experience and ensure high robustness. The focus is on efficiency and simplicity for the user.

RA is also known for custom diagnostic solutions for special purpose vehicles and race cars. Contact us for your custom diagnostic needs.




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