G-Pulse Technology

Shanghai G-Pulse Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, as a member of INTRON Group.

Aiming at local automotive industry customer, G-Pulse provide corresponding products and services to each stage of Automotive Electrical Control Unit products development cycle.

The company moved into Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park since 2009, and currently G-Pulse owned laboratories, and over 60 employees.

Currently, G-Pulse's business can be classified into below categories:

·  Technical Solutions 
·  ECU Prototype 
·  Out-Sourcing Development 
·  Engineering Services 
·  Consulting Services 
·  Development Tool-Chain


Mainland China


Block 69, 1000# Zhangheng Road, Pudong District, Shanghai 201203

E-mail: info@g-pulse.net
Website: http://www.g-pulse.net/