EAN Technologies Co., Ltd.

EAN Technologies Co., Ltd. is a manufacturers representative specializing in automotive electronics Development, Test & Measurement, Data Acquisation, Diagnositcs, ECU Calibration and Reprogramming, Bus Analyzer, Sensors and Power Supplies technologies area, etc. We devoted ourselves to provide specific solutions according to the customer's requirements in their R&D or engineering practice. We also provide the customers an integrated system with custom engineering services as a completed solution.

EAN Technologies has built partner relationship with several leading companies in the world. We are aimed at importing the high quality products and technologies internationally recognized, and providing professional and prompt local service to our clients. With the high quality and lower cost products, and abiding by integrity purpose, we have a stable cooperation with customers and continuously to establish a good business relationship with the business reputation.


Mainland China


Suite 313 - 315, Haishunde Building No. A1, Donghuan North Road Beijing Economic & Technological Development Area Beijing 100176, P.R. China

E-mail: info@eantechnologies.com
Website: www.eantechnologies.com