Mining environments offer challenges to electrical systems because of the high amount of dust, corrosion, vibration, high temperatures, and other harsh operating conditions. These kinds of environment require a high level of automation and process controllers for increased efficiency and personnel safety. CAN Bus Hydraulic Electronic Control Systems integrate all aspects of hydraulic operations including hydraulic control, display control, tracking and logging.

Solid-state CAN Bus powered on-board diagnostics automates drilling and monitors equipment performance, logs information and displays error messages on a dashboard display. Such OBD systems alert operators and mechanics to electrical malfunctions and provide them with logged diagnostic data. An experienced technician can access the logged data and pinpoint the source of the problem, correct the issues and put the machine back in production swiftly. Since precise data about the issue is made available, there is no need for the technician to troubleshoot the entire machine, just the concerned section only, thus minimizing down time.

Kvaser’s CAN to USB Memorator datalogger is an ideal tool for gathering and sharing system-level data such as hydraulic oil transmission temperatures, brake system pressures, etc. This data can be used to predict failure and signal component wear and tear, resulting in reduced operational costs, lower maintenance time and increasing the life of mechanical components.


The Kvaser Memorator Pro 5xHS CB is a five channel high-speed CAN to USB interface and standalone datalogger. It is bare-board without housing and hence is ideal for being built-into a custom housing in a data acquisition terminal or PC for mining applications. Next generation Rugged CAN USB interfaces such as the Kvaser USBcan R v2 are highly suitable for mining environments due to their heavy-duty polyurethane coating that assures protection against water and dust ingress, plus vibration, shock and drop resistance.

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