src Directory Reference


file  canlib.h [code]
 Definitions for the CANlib API.
file  canstat.h [code]
 Definitions for the CANLIB API.
file  j1587lib.h [code]
 Definitions for the J1587lib API.
file  kvaDbLib.h [code]
 Definitions for the Database API.
file  kvamemolibxml.h [code]
 Converts XML settings into a binary configuration.
file  kvDiag.h [code]
 The CANtegrity API is based on high frequency sampling of the CAN bus. This allows it to be used for various purposes, such as calculating the bitrate on the bus and measuring clock speeds of devices on the bus.
file  kvlclib.h [code]
 Library for converting Kvaser Memorator log files.
file  kvmlib.h [code]
 Library for accessing Kvaser Memorator (2nd generation) devices.
file  kvrlib.h [code]
 Library for interacting with remote devices. (Currently Windows only)
file  linlib.h [code]
 Definitions for the LINlib API.
file  obsolete.h [code]
 Definitions which are retained for compatibility.