kvBusParamLimits Struct Reference

#include <canlib.h>

Data Fields

int version
kvBusParamsTq arbitration_min
kvBusParamsTq arbitration_max
kvBusParamsTq data_min
kvBusParamsTq data_max

Detailed Description


This struct shows the low level limits of the parameters.

The tq field is always zero for both min/max arbitration/data, and is reserved for possible other uses in future releases.

If prop is zero for both min and max values, that means that the unit does not distinguish between phase segment one and the propagation segment, i.e. the limit applies to (phase1 + prop).

This is only intended for internal use.

Field Documentation

◆ arbitration_max

kvBusParamsTq arbitration_max

◆ arbitration_min

kvBusParamsTq arbitration_min

◆ data_max

kvBusParamsTq data_max

◆ data_min

kvBusParamsTq data_min

◆ version

int version

The version of this struct, currently 2

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